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Sweet Tai (Sweet Seeds) gefeminiseerd

Sweet Tai (Sweet Seeds) gefeminiseerd

7067 Sweet Seeds

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Een uitstekende kruising van de Super Tai met een Early skunk. Overheersende geur en smaak van een Tai met de penetrante en kruidige geur die typerend is voor sommige van deze Aziatische variëteiten.

Deze kruising met Early Skunk heeft geleid tot een langere bloeitijd en stevigere toppen. De planten hebben een iets compactere structuur, meer harsvorming en zijn beter geschikt voor de binnenkweek. Soort met een zeer stimulerend en opwekkend effect.

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  • + grosse production
  • - attention stretch incroyable

Plante exceptionnel, très impressionnante en extérieur, parfaite pour intérieur/extérieur, sog ou scrog. elle aime un sol aérer (ligth mix + fibres coco). . Gout exceptionnel rien avoir avec les thaïes qu'on a tendance à fumer au cof en Hollande .Merci sweet seeds à qui je fais entièrement confiance depuis quelques années déjà maintenant et qui m'a fait découvrir cet souche incroyable 10/10

Comme quoi y a pas que les autos qui sont terribles chez sweet seeds
et merci azarïus


I have grown two Sweet Tai plants so far via SCROG method in my new selfmade grow cabinet and I'm very satisfied with the results.

Germination was easy, I put the seeds directly into the soil. I think this plant is excellent for SCROG (screen of green, worth googling it). I have used a 100W HPS bulb (during growth and flowering) and the results were 39 grams (dried) the first time and 72 gram (dried) the second harvest. Both harvests were from 1 plant.

The first grow was in May 2012. I grew my first Sweet Tai 3 weeks inside with an HPS bulb before flowering. The second grow was right after the summer. I used the Sweet Tai that had grown outside on my balcony for 3 months. I let this one flower inside under my 100W HPS also. The stem was much bigger and the roots were better developed then the first one which resulted in almost twice the amount of dried product.

The Sweet Tai is advertised as spicy and exotic but I have to disagree. It has a very strong skunk odour, so be sure tho double check your carbon filter. The taste is good, but nothing spicey here either, more like a nice Skunk flavor. That was a bummer because I was looking for a real spicey kind of taste, but hey, it's stil good and I give it 4 stars since it is a real nice one to smoke and it was so easy to grow.

I just gave it tapwater with Plagron Alga Grow and Alga Bloom. I didn't have to use any PH or EC meters. The plant was almost growing itself so I would recommend this one to beginners and advanced growers alike.

I have done about 10 grows in the past with cutting so this was my first experience with seeds. I really like the scrog method, it takes a little more work but very nice harvests can be achieved with only one 100W HPS.

The effect of the weed is medium strong. It seems to make me active so I would not recommend this as an evening smoke. Very good for socializing and going outside. No couchlock with this one so you'll be able to do the things you need to do. Perfect daytime smoke if you ask me.

Buds are nice and firm and there were plenty. Not huge in size but that's problably because I only used a 100W HPS. I like it's effect very much and my friends that have a lot of smoking experience appreciate it too and are begging me to grow some more :-)


Excellente variété: bon goût frais et épicé, assez atypique, facile à cultiver, beaucoup de résine, pas de problèmes d'herma!


Sehr buschiger wuchs angenehm Grasiger taste wie mans sic wünscht! Super zu pflegen auch für anfänger!

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Bloeiperiode: Gemiddeld
Seed bank: Sweet Seeds
Smaak / Geur: Tai, spicy
Genetica: Super Tai x Early Skunk
Effect: Stimulating, cerebral
Samenstelling: Sativa predominance
Average outdoor yield: 400
Average indoor yield: 400
Seed Bank: Sweet Seeds
Indica/Sativa: Sativa-dominant
Soort wiet: Skunk
Outdoor harvest: Early October
Bloeitijd binnen: 63
THC-gehalte: Gemiddeld
Soort zaden: Gefeminiseerd
Geschikte omgeving: Binnen/Buiten
Aantal zaden: 3
Gemiddelde THC: 14