Revelry geurabsorberende, waterafstotende bagage, met glasvezel versterkte koffers, lekbestendige koelboxen en accessoires nu verkrijgbaar bij Azarius

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Revelry The Confidant - kleine portemonnee Revelry The Confidant - kleine portemonnee
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Reverly The Mini Confidant zakformaat portemonnee Reverly The Mini Confidant zakformaat portemonnee
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Revelry bagageslot Revelry bagageslot
€ 4,00 * 5,00
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Azarius Academy

Revelry Luggage

Azarius has some serious California love for Revelry! Revelry makes awesome odour absorbing and water-resistant luggage, fibreglass reinforced hard cases, airtight, watertight, dustproof and leakproof coolers and tons of cool accessories. A crew of Santa Cruz skaters, surfers and outdoor enthusiasts, Revelry was founded to create products that seamlessly transition through every part of the day - both for themselves and for you! Whether you are outdoor adventuring, on a road trip, or simply kicking back at home, Revelry’s technical yet simple designs will make things easier. With a great eye for detail, simple yet discrete products are developed from the highest quality materials. Thanks to their top-notch construction, you can count on these products to last! Revelry is a great companion for any adventure.

Staying true to their Santa Cruz’ outdoor background, Revelry was started with the ambition to create products that they themselves would actually want to use. They noticed that the odour absorbing luggage landscape was pretty limited. Instead of boring all-black anonymous bags without any sense of identity, Revelry presents a line of products that combine aesthetics with function. Have a look for yourself!


Odour absorbing water-resistant protective lining

All Revelry luggage utilizes a Carbon Filter System for odour absorption and a heavy-duty rubber backing for odour containment and water resistance. Allow us to introduce you to The Stowaway, The Mini Confidant, the Scout, The Amigo and The Confidant, as well as their good friends The Northerner, The Continental, The Around-Towner, The Drifter, The Overnighter and the Escort. Please note that certain Revelry Luggage items are available in several sizes.


All Scout Series hard cases are fibreglass reinforced for maximum strength, and come with Pick & Pack foam for customization. Additional features unique to the Scout Series are the carbon filter patch for odour absorption and a customizable metal nameplate for you to personalize. The Scout Hard Case is available in several sizes.


Revelry coolers are made with welded seams, leakproof zippers, and puncture-resistant fabric, providing extra safety and discretion. Additionally, Revelry uses closed-cell foam insulation for optimal ice retainment. Get familiar with The Nomad Cooler and The Captain Cooler. These coolers are ready to handle the most rugged environments.


Revelry has some really awesome accessories, ranging from flasks to locks to aprons. The Accomplice, for instance, is a stainless steel flask with built-in stash compartment, making it the quintessential container. The Revelry Luggage Lock is a lock that was designed to fit on all lockable Revelry luggage (what’s in a name, right?). And then there is The Apron, a heavy-duty waxed canvas apron with ample pockets, making it the ultimate work gear for any Azarian.