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Vibe Night

Yesterday, a friend of mine and I took Mexicans. We sat in front of the TV when we started to eat the shrooms. Both of us took 30 grams of Mexicans. I think after 30 minutes the psilocybes started to work. The lights became stonger and I had to turn down the volume of the TV. 45 minutes later the psilocybes worked fully, and I felt like I had a weight of 5 kilos. My vision was like in dreams and everything was so slow, when I moved my arm I saw it in slow motion. It was very funny and we laughed a lot. Later we watched ĎFear an loathing in Las Vegasí and it was like 3D. 6 hours after we ate the shrooms they stopped working. Thanks for the good shrooms, they were as good as in Amsterdam!

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