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Morning Glory

I decided to try out the effect of Morning glory seeds after having read a few good reports about it. When I received the package through the post in the morning, I opened it immediatly, not having eaten since the night before. I crushed up 100 seeds and ate them chewing a long time mixed with apple yogurt. Then I ate 50 seeds on their own, chewing for 20 minutes. I then drunk a cup of tea. Here is what happened after: 11H15: Took the seeds 11h30: Stopped chewing and swallowed- started reading a book 13H00: Feeling sick, had to lie down 13H30: Really feeling terrible, nausea feeling, my legs aching and feeling very tired 14H00: Feeling very slightly better, had to eat a little rice 14H30: Strong nausea again, closed the shutters and put a film on the keep my mind away from my stomach, feels like I've got the flu 15H00: It didn't hit me but just crept in slowly, realize that I don't feel sick anymore, starting to find the film very funny (yet it isn't) 15H15: Feels like it was hours since I last looked at the clock fifteen minutes ago. The reflection of the water keeps me interested and I put music on, my mind drifts a little. Feeling really good. 15H45: After having stared at my ceiling for 30 minutes, I get up have a shower and eat something. I feel high. 16H30: I go for a stroll down the river bank, everything is beautiful, I love the world, felling really high and yet not giggly. 17H00: Really hungry, eat loads of food, don't feel high anymore, just droopy, stoned 19H00: Feel tired and dozey 21H00: Still the same, I go to bed Conclusion: These seeds made me feel good for a long time, but after having made me feel terrible. Also, all the while my legs felt very heavy and painful. It was a nice experience, worth trying but felt too bad before to do this again. For me it's not worth the game. At the end of the day, felt extremely tired.

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