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Its magic...

Well the whole thing before we ate them started about a month ago. Me and my buddy were stuck with the idea of getting some shroomies and relive the good old days! After a whole month of waiting, at last yesterday I got all 5 boxes in my hands. It was a miracle they were still so called "alive" after their trip and after waiting for more than 5 days in the cargo area of the courrier office. As soon as I got the package, I went home as fast as I could to put them in the fridge. When I opened the package, I felt very dissapointed because 2 boxes of my shrooms were almost completely black. But anyway, my heart wasn't that strong enough to just throw them away, especially after such a long time of waiting, so me and my buddy volunteered to "crash" our stomachs and face the consequences of the rotten mushrooms. So we got one box of them and went to the university campus whre we crossed our fingers and ate by strong means. And I can tell you one thing for sure, they tasted so bad and felt so moldy in my mouth I almost threw up. We consumed some cola for better and faster digestion plus less stomachache. Well the time was passing, so we decided to use some weed to relax ourselves and stop thinking of the rotten mushrooms and so we did. After 20 minutes of consumption, we started to feel bit more happier than we were. That was the point I said "Ok buddy, here we go!!! It's starting!" After another 20 minutes, the "magic" effect started to take over. We started to feel tired and were yawning and we wanted to lay down and take a nap but our curiosity on how things looked and how sounds were different wouldn't let us. After a whole hour we were finally tripping and enjoying everything around us. We were laughing about.....nothing but still it looked funny to us. I forgot to mention that we ate 15gr each and my buddy was 95kg and I am 70 kg. It kept its peak for at least 3 hours allthough we had only some visual effects but the sound was really messed up. We walked downtown and enjoyed everything around us. We were so curious with everything and we wanted more and more. After 4 hours the visuals and the sound came back to normal though our feelings were filled with joy for another 1-2 hours. Now we can't wait for next Saturday. It's when we gonna eat 2 boxes each and live our trip to the fullest. Of course I don't suggest starters to try this in any way. We only gonna do that because we tried mushrooms in the past, so we got used to the shroom trip idea. And we just wanna get that peak a little higher :D

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