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strange times

Well, I did a lot of research into HBW seeds and everything said to take 5-8, so I took 10 the first time. Iím planning a camping trip in a few weeks, and I thought these seeds might be just the thing to really make the "trip", so I got them and thought I would try them out before hand by myself. I just ate the seeds whole crushing them up as small as possible then swallowing them down with some water. I didnít think they tasted much like anything, but I did eat them on what I feel was too empty of a stomach, just after eating them I was starving for something else so I waited as long as I could, but then had a small sandwich. Donít know if that had any effect on the trip but anyway I had them down about 1:30, then I waited and waited with not much of anything happening. Ď At about 3 or so I felt sort of strange, a little euphoric Iíd say, and a small body high. This lasted for another hour or so, and by now I was bored. So I went to the store to rent a movie and that was great. Just felt real happy, good body high, like pulses running all over. I was also laughing here and there at nothing at all. But that was about it. No trip but for as easy as it was eating them I donít think they are too bad just to have a good time. I guess when I go camping Iíll have to take more. Good luck to all of you and safe trips!

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