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  • Magic Truffels Atlantis

    Shaman zei: 2014-08-31

    We bought some truffles when we were on holiday in Amsterdam specifically for spiritual/pagan experimentation. We are always very careful to prepare well for the trip, make sure the room is comfortable, rugs and cushions, food and drink, chill out music and for these we were glad we did because it was a pretty intense trip that went on and on. In a good way, I think if we had not prepared well we may have freaked out in places but we had the situation in hand.

    The trip was quite unexpected in that it produced religious ecstasy and an enormous sense of well being and connection with the universe, I felt love for all mankind which I don't normally. The music seemed extra amazing and beautiful and we could hear things we didn't normally hear, base notes etc.
    For the first time ever with truffles I experienced visuals, the floor looked like it was rippling and the stars we painted on the ceiling of our chill out room looked as though they were in 3D, no colours generally though although my partner experienced colours. I did see his aura which looked like flames around his head but had to concentrate to see it.

    We both had numbness and tingling of our face, mouth and hands which was not unpleasant and unlike previous trips got the munchies and would have liked more food around. This one causes quite a dry mouth so we were glad we had brought non alcoholic drinks in.

    There seemed to be a lot going on on two levels, with eyes open I felt we were on some kind of epic spiritual voyage like Jason and the Argonauts which was intensley magical and real but with my eyes shut I was in another place altogether - underground with the spirits of the earth travelling through tree roots with friendly gnome like people and creatures, so spent some time in each area.

    I had a lot of questions for myself before the trip and it helped me to find the answers I was looking for - these truffles effect on your brain help to sort out your thoughts for problems in the real world - realisations it felt like at the time.
    At no point did we experience a bad time and we felt in control the whole time, going outside in the garden to pee was a bit weird as everything was in 3D.
    They did make us a bit sick in the stomach but food sorted that out.

    By the end, around 6 hours we felt like we had been on an epic journey and the next day still felt very happy and chilled. Would definitely do these again but only in the right place and frame of mind. Not one to take while wandering around town!

  • Peyote (Lophophora williamsii) cactus

    MŚns zei: 2014-08-28

    I bought this product (3-cluster) and I was pleasantly surprised, I got two buttons that were approximately 3 cm in size, one button that was 2 cm and one bonus button that was 1 cm. that's not all, the large buttons had fruit and I got 15 seeds out of it. great product!

  • Fly High Amsterdam e-liquid

    victor zei: 2014-08-25

    Nice taste.
    Gives the effects it promises in the description.

    Super throat hit, almost makes me cough everytime i vape ^^

  • Hawaiian baby woodrose zaden (Argyreia nervosa)

    Fabian zei: 2014-08-24

    Great Quality, dear azarius team.

    Haven't taken these seeds for years, i wasn't sure if the supplier had changed, at least the package was different. But i was pleased with the results.

    Important, put the seeds for half an hour in cold water and then peal them. This white/brown stuff needs to get off otherwise your stomach feels so f***ing bad. :D

    Dont eat a few hours before the trip anynothing, when eating not too fatty.

    If you wanna smoke Cannabis, yeaaa good idea!!! It pushes the trip, got really nice synergies, but be careful, as more you smoke as stronger the trip gets.

    I took 10 seeds, got a really nice trip which ended 6 or 7 hours after taken the seeds. AND THE HELL go out into beautiful nature, thats what this nice psychedelicum is made for. ;)

    To sum it up: Can't describe it in words, you have to try it. :D

  • Magic-Flight Launch Box

    Anonymous zei: 2014-08-19

    After reading through the manual, that comes with this vaporizer, it was quite easy to successfully use it - even the first time (yesterday). If you simply follow the instructions, it works really well.

    Beautifully made, Ockham's razor principle has been thoroughly applied here.

    So far, very content with the purchase. Quick delivery too, from Azarius!

    Thank you.

  • Laser Etched Magic-Flight Launch Box

    Marquis zei: 2014-08-16

    1. Een goede high is makkelijk te bereiken met deze vaporizer.
    2. Het duurt wel even om door te krijgen hoe hij nou echt werkt en is dus NIET geschikt voor groepen van meer dan 3-4 mensen.
    3. Vrij weinig accu, maar voor persoonlijk gebruik is dat niet een heel groot probleem
    4. Ziet er goed uit

  • Kratom Thai extract 15x

    Marquis zei: 2014-08-16

    1. Ik heb de inhoud gewogen met een milligram weegschaal en er zat slechts 800mg in (200mg te weinig)
    2. Erg moeilijk om goede effecten mee te krijgen in vergelijking met niet-extracten van dezelfde strain
    3. Wel makkelijk in gebruik!

    [Antwoord van Azarius. Wat betreft punt 1) - stuur ons even een mailtje hierover, dan kijken we hoe we dit kunnen goedmaken. Dit is natuurlijk niet de bedoeling, excuus hiervoor!]

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